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003 | Anger and Grieving the Child You Thought You Were Going to Have

When you are grieving for a child you THOUGHT you were going to have, Anger is a big part of that grief. For me, watching my daughter Remy suffer through multiple hospital stays, seizure after seizure and seeing the apparent intellectual disabilities unfold, I have seen my fair share of anger. But the anger comes out in subtle ways. Snappiness, resentment, jealousy, being short-tempered not just the outbursts you think of. When you realize you have no control over your child’s health, it feels as if you are meant to just watch them suffer.

What I have learned though is that when we focus on all the negative things, we miss out on our blessings.

In today’s episode, I talk about how normal it is to be angry when you are trying to get through the challenges of parenting a child with autism or epilepsy. I also talk about how it can be beneficial and a detriment. You will see the easiest way to get over being angry all the time and why it’s so important to focus on all your blessings, as hard as it is.

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