This episode is about the seasons of life. I love this topic because I feel like when we are in certain seasons of our life, we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are raising a child with special needs or laid off from your job because of the coronavirus, or your parents are sick, or anything else that goes wrong, what I’ve found from experience is that the more we lean into those seasons and surrender to what is happening, the less we struggle. And I know that’s easy to say. When you are going through something hard, it’s difficult to see the other side or how it’s going to benefit you, but the more you lean into the hard times, the more it can shape you when you come out of it. When you do go to the next season, you’re a bit stronger, wiser, and you appreciate the good times even more.  

The Four Seasons Of Life 

  1. I’m going to talk about the seasons in the world and how it relates back to our life and internal seasons. To begin with, the summer season is a season of warmth, the sun is out, people are on vacation, and it is the time of relaxing, winding down, and enjoying the fruits of our labor. 
  2. After summer you have fall or autumn. This is when the leaves fall from the tree. School starts, and you begin to organize, create structure, and a routine. It is when the days get shorter and the weather starts to be more unpredictable. People are not going on vacation as much. It’s a time to prepare for a slower time of year. This is the time, in the special needs community, when we are trying to put structure into life. Starting new therapies, trying things out, and looking over your finances and figuring out where you are. 
  3. Then there is the winter season. It is very cold. The nights are long and the days are short. The animals have hibernated. You are inside more. The leaves are all off the trees. And there is wind, rain, snow, storms, and floods. The most extreme weather comes out. This is the time where a lot of people get sick. And it is time to slow down. Wintertime is the time to be introspective and put things into place. Of going inward. In the winter season of our life, everything is stripped away. The fun, excitement, and vacations. What is left is the bareness of our lives. How we feel about life, our belief systems, how we have things structured and how we respond in times of slowness and scarcity. 
  4. Then we have spring. The sun is starting to come out. The weather is all over the place. The flowers are blooming. Everything is green, pretty, and lush. Babies are being born and the animals are starting to come out. You hear the birds. It’s a time of newness and growth. This is when the earth blossoms. 

How Do The Seasons Relate To Our Lives? 

The differences in the seasons shadow our lives exactly. If you think about your life, you have been through all the seasons and it goes around and around. Right now, our world is in the season of winter. I wanted to highlight this season because it’s easy to feel like if only we could get rid of this life would be great. But it is this season, the winter season, that shapes who we are. It is this season that helps us grow, bring about change, and makes us look inward. You can’t grow in the summer season. It’s fun and exciting and there isn’t much to learn. You are just enjoying life. But it is this season that you have an opportunity to dig under the hood and see what’s going on in your life in order to make changes. 

The Winter Season Of My Special Needs Journey 

This podcast started because of the winter season of my life. I’ve talked about where I used to be and how depressed I was when I was just trying to survive Remy being in the hospital all the time and watching her having seizure after seizure. Then getting an autism diagnosis. I was suffering big time. So much so that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t understand the point of life anymore. I felt like I got into a mess I couldn’t get out of and I just wanted out. It was at that time that I was able to look at my life and try to make sense of it. 

I knew nothing in my life was going to change, but I had to find a way for me to change. I knew Remy wouldn’t be cured of epilepsy and that she would always have autism. I was looking at my circumstances, everything I couldn’t change outside of myself, and I tried to find a way to be okay with them so I could have peace in my heart and my soul. 

How The Winter Season Has Changed My Life 

I talk about this because that part of the winter season of the special needs journey for me is what I reflect on every single day. It’s the reason why I have so much joy in my life now because I remember how much it hurt when I was in agony, pain, frustration, and depression. It was a time I will never forget. I knew I had to find a way to accept everything. To embrace everything in my lap, and to thank God for it. I knew I had to get there, but I had no idea how. I think that’s the reality that our world is in right now. There’s so much in this world that has to change. Right now, we are in a situation where we are realizing the mess we are in because we are forced to. We are scared about what the future will hold and it is forcing us to ask ourselves, is this the life I want to live?

Why The Winter Season is The Most Important For Growth

I think this season is THE most important season out of all of them. The world and our country are suffering. And everyone is full of anxiety, worry, and blaming others for not taking it seriously or hanging out in groups. We are in this state where we have no choice but to either sink or swim. 

If this is the hardest time you’ve ever had in your life, when this ends, you are going to be stronger and you will be thankful for this hardship. No matter how you handle it. Because it’s going to help you grow and mature into becoming the person you always wanted to be. Life is all about taking the things that are hard in our life, learning the lessons from them, shifting our perspective, and coming out the other side bigger, better, bolder, more courageous, with more vibrance and all the wonderful things we want to be. This is how we grow and become the people we want to be and more importantly the parents we want to be. Life is beautiful even though it looks different than you might have thought at one point, and that is the biggest gift I could ever explain to you. 

Important Takeaways

  1. We have two choices. We can be really angry, mad, sad, and full of anxiety and negative emotions. Or we can take what’s been given to us, take a circumstance we can’t change, and find meaning in it. We can find how we can survive through this. And thrive. Some of us will come out of this and thrive and a lot of people will come out of it completely broken. We have a choice. 
  2. After the winter season comes spring. After every winter comes spring. The leaves will grow back. The birds will start chirping. The winter season will be over. What you do during the winter season is what determines what will happen in the spring season. 
  3. If you spend all your time drinking vodka, wine, smoking weed, binge-watching Netflix and not doing anything with yourself or fueling your mind and soul, then when spring comes you will still be in winter. You don’t want that to happen because spring is beautiful. It is a time when new ideas come and things start to happen and are put into place. 
  4. The biggest winter season for me was when Remy was little. Because I went through that and healed from that, I can handle anything. That was SUCH a powerful lesson in my life that I value so very much and taught me that I can get through anything, so I know that you can too. 
  5. You will look back on COVID19 and this hard season of our lives and be thankful for it. Because it will change you. It will make you grow and become a better person. You will never forget this time and it is so important to lean into this struggle because we will come out the other side and we will be forever changed. 


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