Why Acceptance is Necessary

This episode is a heavy topic, but I am really excited about it. It is a previously recorded episode and it’s one of the first one I’ve ever done. I wanted to play it because the discussion of the stages of grief still rings true for any mom or any parent who is still processing through a diagnosis for their child. If we don’t process through it, the whole journey is nothing but pain, struggle, and agony. My biggest goal is to help you get to a place of acceptance. And I mean acceptance of all of it. Because that is when your soul is free, and you can dig in and parent the way you want, and learn from your child the way that you want to learn. You will be able to help your child create the life they love and help them bless the world, because that’s why they are here. 

Processing the Stage of Anger

So, today’s episode is about anger and grieving what your old ideas or thoughts were for your child. My daughter Remy experiences hundreds of seizures, and has had countless hospital stays, so for me, anger used to always be a constant feeling. You may not realize it though, because it can disguise itself as resentment, jealousy, or random outbursts. Processing through your anger will help you to accept your child, with their diagnosis, and learn what the greater purpose for all of it is. Let me know what your thoughts are and if this episode is able to help you. I would love to hear your story!

Also, if you would like, go check out the full show notes here! 

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