Why You Shouldn’t Skip Bargaining 

I am really excited about today’s episode. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it every time. This is a previously recorded episode and it’s one of the first ones I’ve ever done. Today’s topic is ALL about bargaining. The word bargaining is confusing for a lot of people and whenever we talk about the stages of grief, we don’t even know what it really is and want to move onto the “better” stages, like anger, depression, acceptance and all of that. Who needs bargaining? But it’s one of the ones that will keep us stuck the longest. I don’t think we even realize that we are doing it! So, in today’s podcast, you’ll learn all about what bargaining is and what it isn’t. I wanted to re-share this because it is the foundation for getting to that place of acceptance. 

Growing Through Pain 

If you’re raising a child with special needs, it hurts and it’s painful. There aren’t a lot of people that quickly accept their child’s diagnosis. Most people struggle with their feelings, and they have to really process through them. My biggest goal with the podcast, and everyone I talk to on social media, email, and call, is to help you realize that accepting your child exactly the way they are is the biggest gift you can give to your child and to yourself. But before you get there, there are challenging emotions that you have to go through. If you are in the very first stage, or have received a diagnosis for your child in the last year or so, I can only assume that life is very painful right now. But trust me when I say that the only way to grow is to go through pain. If it was easy, you wouldn’t grow. And you need to grow to be the best version of yourself for you, your child, and the world. That’s the biggest gift that your child will ever give you. 

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