Why I am Still Talking About Acceptance 

This is my favorite episode, even though I recorded it more than two years ago and it took me about four or five months before I even decided to publish it. I had recorded a bunch of episodes and I never ever told anybody that I had started a podcast. I had thirty downloads for all eight episodes and I was so nervous and so excited. Now it has been a couple years, I’ve met thousands of people, and it’s been the MOST amazing journey. What I love is that way back when I started the podcast and I was sharing these episodes, what I talk about still rings true. It’s still the same thing that I talk about today, because when you are raising a child with special needs, you go through the grieving process. 

How Acceptance is Life Transforming 

Today we are talking about acceptance. It is my biggest dream for every parent that has a child with special needs because what you can do with acceptance can change the world. You cannot be the most effective, the best, and most loving parent until you get to this phase. You can parent, and be a good one, with struggle and effort and spending all your energy trying to fix things and sweep things under the rug. Along with going through depression and being angry and offended. You can still be a good parent, but it’s life transforming when you get to the place of acceptance. So, it’s my biggest dream because of the transformation that it caused in my own life. My belief is that your child was given to you to raise for a reason and that you are the person for the job. God doesn’t make any mistakes and He doesn’t create anything or anyone with no purpose. So, the journey is you discovering what that purpose is. And I believe that your child was put here to transform the world and bring a new consciousness to our planet. But it starts with you. It starts with the mama.  And that is what I am here to talk about. 

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