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Accepting the Unacceptable Podcast

This Is Why I Created The Podcast

What do you seek in special needs parenting?

Do you want to learn how to be a successful parent? Do you want to fix your child? Do you want to get justice against the thing that caused it? Do you want peace?

If you’re like me, the answer is peace.

This very reason is what sparked me into creating a podcast. It is made for you, the peace seekers. The ones who want to learn how to see the beauty in special needs parenting. The ones who seek acceptance.

I was thinking about the reasons why I love listening to podcasts and how I wanted to structure my own.

I love digging into how other people think. I have learned everything I wanted in the last 3 years from podcasts.

How to start a blog, how to organize my cabinets, how to lose weight, and how to reshape my mind.

The most powerful of these is learning mindset. I’ve had a really lazy one. When Remy was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, I realized that a weak mindset leads to misery and depression. That was me, miserable and depressed.

So that was the first place I knew I needed to change when turning our circumstance from devastating to just neutral. All about mindset.

Where our Pain Can Lead us

I was reading a friend’s Facebook feed today and noticed all of the posts she was sharing. She, too, has a child with autism. We actually started this journey at the same time.

As I scrolled through her feed, I saw the pain come out in articles she was sharing, videos she watched, and posts she’d written.

A lot of it was blaming vaccines for her child’s autism. It’s apparent that she feels wronged and pissed off that something caused her child to suffer.

My immediate feelings when scrolling her feed was sadness. Here she is, an incredibly loving mom who is in incredible pain. Pain for her child and the life she is leading.

My friend, understandably, is using her energy to blame the country, laws, pharmaceutical companies and anyone who could have had a hand making her child autistic. This is because she wants to make a change. She wants to make sure no one has to suffer like her or her child. Her intentions are coming from a loving place. Her intentions are good.

But I see past the posts and videos. I see someone struggling with acceptance. I see someone who can’t breathe or understand how autism can ever be considered beautiful.

I don’t blame her. I don’t judge her. I understand, completely. Nothing but love and complete empathy for all of her feelings. Because I have felt all those things too.

We all Want the Same Thing

But just because we express our feelings in different ways, we all aim for the same target. To love our kids unconditionally, give them the best life, and hope the world can embrace them the same way we do.

The difference is how we go about achieving those goals.

Focusing all our energy outward and not changing how we feel inward leaves us miserable. Leaves us feeling broken.

It doesn’t fix that pain. It doesn’t heal our children.

This is why I started the Accepting the Unacceptable Podcast. I want all of us special needs mamas to learn how to free our souls. To live the life we’ve always wanted and give our kids what they deserve. The fullest life possible.

But how do we achieve that? What do we need to change about ourselves to having everything we’ve ever wanted?

How do we Achieve Peace?

The answer is to change the way we think. To learn how to see the beauty in our circumstances and see the opportunity in its purpose.

The Accepting the Unacceptable podcast is my way of sharing what I’ve learned and learn myself from experts on how to handle it all. The stress, pressure, overwhelm and ways to parent a child that operates differently than us.

My goal is to learn from every experience because when we do that, we stop seeing autism as the enemy. We stop seeing other people’s judgment as the end-all. We start to see what adventures await us and our kids exactly the way they are. The way they are made.

Our lives are much fuller than they appear. It just might not look like the fantasy we always dreamed of.

It’s like cloudy days. We think the sun has left but it’s still there. There are just clouds blocking us from feeling the heat and seeing the sunshine. Autism feels like the clouds on those days. We want to feel the sunshine but often feel that special needs are blocking the sun.

But what do the clouds provide? They provide shade, rain, contrast. They’re here to nourish our earth and we wouldn’t see the beauty of the planet without those clouds. That’s what special needs are if we look at it from that lens.

How can we stop looking at clouds like a bad thing?

This Podcast is for You

This very aim is the reason for the podcast. If you desire to have peace around special needs parenting so that you can live and give your child the very best life possible, I invite you along with me.

Thank you for showing me the impressive community of special needs parents. I never knew you existed and am so honored to be a part of it with you. You have turned my life around in a way I never knew was even possible and I cherish you more than I can say.

Accepting the Unacceptable is my way of giving back. I hope you enjoy each and every episode because it’s all for you.

What are the areas you want to go deeper into raising your children? Let me know in the comments or send me a message by clicking contact me above so I can serve you better as I create content that speaks to your soul.

With love and appreciation,

Jody Warshawsky

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